Linking Files in Excel

  lothario 16:34 01 Nov 03

I want to link a file in one document with a file in another so when I click the second document it will open with the first file I linked to it. I followed help and support(Highlight first file and click copy on the edit menu - Click location in document you wish to place linked object -on edit menu click paste special- click paste link then OK). I highlight info I want to link to second document and copy. Then I go to the second file and click paste special - the dialogue box which appears contains two action buttons. The first is Paste and is working. The second is the paste link button but it is hidden and won,t work. When I click the 'open' paste button the whole file attaches itself ok but the pasted file remains open and takes over the whole page. Any help please

  wee eddie 20:46 01 Nov 03

I think that you are linking the whole file, so of course it shows the whole of itself.

Try linking by highlighting a single cell/field in one to a single cell/field in the other.

  rasalom 22:01 01 Nov 03

Are you trying to link certain cells in document 1 to certain cells in document 2 so that when you open document 2 it shows whatever the cells in document 1 show?

If this is the case the easiest way i've found to do it is to do it this way.

1st - open both documents

2nd - click on the cell in document 2 where you want the linked information to appear

3rd - press the + button on the number pad

4th - now go to document 1 and go to the cell which contains the information you want to be linked and press enter.

the cell in document 2 should now contain the same information as that in document 1

hope this helps.

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