Linking excel spreadsheets

  Robotic_Rob 00:51 27 Dec 07


My mother is trying to link 2 excel spreadsheets together in Microsoft office 2007 on a XP home machine. She wants one excel spreadsheet to calculate a few figures about 50 times and then she wants to copy the end value of each calculation into the second spreadsheet. Is they a way to do this? Or will she just have to type the end values into the second spreadsheet herself?

Shes collared my help but i haven't a clue :(

Cheers for any help.

  wiz-king 06:48 27 Dec 07

If they are sheets in the same workbook then just copy & paste the cells with the answers into the other sheet. That worked in old versions of Excel, dont know about the 2007 version - havent tried it yet.

  estabond 08:31 27 Dec 07

In earlier versions of Excel I have used 'edit / paste special / link
hope something similar is still available

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  octal 08:31 27 Dec 07

I think the basic formula is =Sheet2!B2 Just change the Sheet number to the one you want to copy from and the cell number in that sheet.

  Noodlestrudel 12:13 27 Dec 07

Say the workbook with answers in is called "Calculate" and the sheet you want to copy from is called "Numbers"

Say the workbook you want to show the answers in is called "Answers"

If there's information in Cell D1 of Calculate and you want it in A1 of Answers, pop this into A1.....


The easiest way to do it is to put an = into the cell you are working to in the destination file, then navigate to where you want to take the info from in the file with the information, select the cell, and click enter. This will give


but if you remove the $ symbols, you can then drag the formula to surrounding cells!

  Robotic_Rob 15:36 27 Dec 07

Cheers all that have helped me. I was looking for Noodlestrudel answer where it linked to completely separate spreadsheets. :D

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