The linked image cannot be displayed

  smudged 10:34 AM 09 May 13

Recently I have been receiving emails using Outlook 2010 with Windows 7 linked to my web email accounts where I get the "Red X" and "The linked image cannot be displayed". I have repaired my Outlook install and cleared content.outlook. The issue may be linked to my recent install of IE10 but I cannot find a way of reinstalling IE9.

Can anybody help?

  Woolwell 10:57 AM 09 May 13

Try MS Fixit

  smudged 15:16 PM 09 May 13

Ran MS Fixit, but problem remains.

  Woolwell 15:36 PM 09 May 13

Check that you are not reading emails in plain text email in plain text

  Woolwell 15:40 PM 09 May 13
  wee eddie 15:48 PM 09 May 13

I think that the problem is not at your end.

The Sender is at fault, rather than inserting the Picture into the email, they have linked it to something else on their PC but is not available on yours.

  Woolwell 16:09 PM 09 May 13

Good point by wee eddie. Is the problem from one addressee or all emails?

  smudged 16:16 PM 13 May 13

Tried all suggestions but still have the problem. The emails are from places like Amazon, Travelodge etc which have never given ap roblem in the past.

  Woolwell 16:38 PM 13 May 13

Long shot - Open IE10 and then Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Tab - Click on Restore Advance Settings.

To revert back to IE9 simply remove the update see get back to IE9

  smudged 19:42 PM 15 May 13

I have now uninstalled IE10 and re-installed IE9 with the result that the problem has gone. So I recommend that IE10 is not used until it is is fully tested.

Thanks for all your help.

  Woolwell 22:23 PM 15 May 13

I think that IE10 has been fully tested. I don't have any problems with it.


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