link internal or external n.o.f mx

  holligan 15:19 29 Oct 03

Now got the hang of the link menu never knew it was that little box at bottom to press.keept looking for something seperateI can do email me now and that works but cant do a link that stays in my site ive tried external and internal but cant get it dont get the internal bit if it should be that. 23:14 29 Oct 03

should be in a list underneath the internal link dialogue. Just click on the page you want to link to, and click the 'Link' button at the bottom.

  holligan 23:50 29 Oct 03

if that makes sence.i link to a site but have to press back to get back to mine.It does not stay in the adress bar.cheers. 00:09 30 Oct 03

should be in the internal box. Only links to other sites and emails go under the external tab.

  holligan 12:22 30 Oct 03

But the links i did are in other sites
mad boy said when i clic on the link it opens up in the same page which takes you away from your site. do add to "target="_blank after the ouatation marks iam lost. tried it but just come on like that with the target bit on the page.
ps iam no good at explaning on comp.or you guessed that hahah 00:27 31 Oct 03

From your first post on this thread, I thought you wanted to use a link to one of your own pages; a link that stays in your own site.

Just explain where you want the link to take a visitor. To one of your own pages, or to another site?

Just take time to explain exactly what you need to do, and I will try to explain.

  holligan 10:47 31 Oct 03

in the fav sec when you click on the link it opens up in the same page which takes you away from your site add "target="_blank" after the web address. you have to press back to go back to the site it does not apear in the bottom adress bar.
ps.did you understand drunks in your pub better then me hahah

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