Link Hi-8 camcorder to PCTV and Soundblaster

  NikolaiVronsky 10:37 24 Feb 05

I have a Sony analogue camcorder with some Hi-8 movies I want to convert to avi format.
My PC runs XP Home, and has a Creative Soundblaster Live! Value sound card, plus a PCTV Rave card.
I can use the S-video cable to link to the PCTV card successfully to capture video, but there's no sound.
I've tried cross linking the Soundblaster Line In external port to the PCTV External audio output port using a mini jack cable, but with no luck.
Anyone have any ideas how to successfully get sound and vision so I can create the avi?

  Roadgiant 18:30 24 Feb 05

On my system (using either a Pinnacle Dc10 or the video in on my graphic card), the audio from the camcorder (8mm) is plugged straight into the input on my soundblaster card.

  NikolaiVronsky 22:38 24 Feb 05

Yes, and that's how I have mine linked in - S-video to the PCTV card, audio to the Soundblaster. I get pictures just fine, but there is no reproduction of the sound.

  Technotiger 22:51 24 Feb 05

Hi, in theory of course your mini jack cable should work for sound, but as it doesn't I would suggest (same as I have on my own set-up) a vcr (with scart) connected to your TV card, then connect your camcorder to vcr using a scart/3 phono coverter plug. You can then get video and audio onto pc.


  NikolaiVronsky 10:43 25 Feb 05

Blimey, more cables.
I'll drag the VCR upstairs, get hold of some more SCART cables and try that solution. Thanks, and watch this space!

  NikolaiVronsky 19:05 28 Feb 05

After much exploration the following works: Connect minijack from camcorder sound sockets [red, white] to Soundblaster Line In [blue].
Connect S-video plug from camcorder to S-video socket on PCTV card. The final thing that made the sound work: use internal connector to link the AUX connector on the Soundblaster to the Internal Audio Output pins on the PCTV card. External connection of the two cards didn't work.
Next I will try connecting the VCR!

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