link to a decent free registry cleaner

  bumpkin 14 Dec 12

Hi, can someone give me a link to a good free registry cleaner please. Not something that says it's free then finds loads of errors and says will fix them if you register, then after you have wasted you time tells you how much to pay.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Dec 12

Most of them are more trouble than they are worth The only one I would recommend it free included in CClener

  Aitchbee 14 Dec 12

This one is worth a look Windows Advanced System Optimizer the free trial version (which will correct up to 10 errors at a time) ... install it, then just run it a few times!

  compumac 14 Dec 12

CCleaner without doubt.

  rdave13 14 Dec 12

Ccleaner. This gives an inkling about the registry editor (regedit),

If you start playing around with it make sure you have a decent image backup in case of mistakes. Backing up the registry is no good if you can't boot.

  bumpkin 14 Dec 12

Thanks, I have Ccleaner but is this a true registry cleaner?

  rdave13 14 Dec 12

If you haven't played with regedit, and got your finger burnt, then yes.

  spuds 14 Dec 12

I am one of those people who like to 'play' around with registry cleaners and so called system cleaners. But be warned if you are not careful, because you may well expect and get trouble if you are not sure what you are doing. Your whole system could go down.

CCleaner is one of the safe ones, that like others would possibly suggest.

At present I am 'road-testing' latest versions of Advanced System Care (which use to be called Advanced Windows Care), Toolwiz Care, Clary Utilities and finally Wise Care 365. All are free to download and use in certain formats, and all either have similar results, depending on how you use them. For the download links you might find these on or

But as I said, tread very carefully!.

  michaelw 15 Dec 12

I've used CCleaner for years and I once used the Reg cleaner and it buggered things up. So IMHO I wouldn't touch ANY reg cleaners at all.

  iscanut2 15 Dec 12

I have used the CCleaner Reg cleaner for years with no ill effects BUT as others have suggested, if you are not sure, just leave the registry alone.

  sunnystaines 15 Dec 12


would be keen to see your feedback on those cleaners you are checking out.

i have winaso and ASC are ok but had trouble with several in the past


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