Lines not appearing when on internet

  dugit 30 Jun 12

When I am on the internet some lines wii not appear unless I move the cursor over them, other times I also have to click the cursor as well?

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

What are you talking about?

  Sea Urchin 30 Jun 12

What "lines" are you referring to? As an example could you say which lines are not appearing on this PCA website?

  lotvic 30 Jun 12

Give an example and a link to a page where this occurs, so we can go to the same page and test what happens.

  dugit 30 Jun 12

My apologies for not explaining the problem I have very well. I have checked on my wifes computer and it does not show up the problem on the same internet sites, also sometimes the screen appears slow to react to the mouse. I feel it is something on my computer.Have checked for viruses and have Mcfee security if that is any help.

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

You still have not explained the actual problem?

What Site(s) are you trying to access, what happens exactly. What 'lines' are missing?

Also it might help if you can give details of your PC - Laptop/Desktop, Make/model, OS, etc.

  dugit 02 Jul 12

Have uninstalled yontoo 1.10.02 (which I don't know how it got there) and the problem of missing lines has disappeared and everything on the internet looks OK now which certainly suprised me , I'm not complaining anyway if it solves things Ok then. Thank you for the replies

  Nontek 02 Jul 12

Fine, glad you are sorted - thanks for your feedback.

I believe yontoo may be associated with Facebook, but I am not sure as I have never, and will never use sites such as Facebook!


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