Line in cable from DAB radio to headphone socket?

  Happy37 19 Sep 12

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to attach/run a 3.5mm jack extension cable from the “headphone out” socket of a portable DAB radio and connect it to the “headphone in” socket of an analogue Sony radio cassette recorder so that I can hear the DAB radio sounds through the speakers or not?

If this cannot be done, apart from buying a new portable DAB radio, please also advise as to how it can be done using the cable method above.



  chub_tor 19 Sep 12

Sorry but I don't understand the question - why would there be a "headphone in" socket? Headphones are output devices and not input devices. There could be a microphone in socket on your Sony radio cassette and you could use that but the difference in levels might give you distortion as headphone signal levels are much higher than microphone levels. And even then I am not sure you could directly hear the output without recording it to tape first.

  eedcam 19 Sep 12

As said you get a usb sound card from amazon only a couple of quid the one linked is the deare but most much lessusb sound card

  Happy37 19 Sep 12

Hi chub_tor

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry if my initial post wasn't clear.

I have got a Pure PocketDAB 1500 radio. This has got a headphone socket on it so that a pair of headphones can be connected.

I would like to attach a line-in cable from that socket and connect the other end of this to the headphone socket on the cassette player.

The cassette player does not have a microphone socket - it's built in, as far as I can remember.

All I want to do is to listen to the DAB radio through the speakers and nothing else.

Does this help/is this explanation any clearer?

Thanks again.



  eedcam 19 Sep 12

Silly me and sound cards I missed you wanting to connect to cassette plyer thinking pc no you cant the headphone socket on the player is an output only are you sure there are no other sockets ?

  Happy37 19 Sep 12

Hi eedcam

As far as I'm aware, there are no other sockets on the Sony radio/cassette player.

I was really hoping to use the Sony cassette player and the DAB radio in this setup, but let's see.

Please advise accordingly.

Thanks again.



  Woolwell 19 Sep 12

Headphone sockets are out only. Unless I am misunderstanding you want to connect the headphone socket on the Pure to the headphone socket on the Sony. Out to Out doesn't work. You will need an in-socket on the system from which you want to hear.

  wiz-king 19 Sep 12

The answer to your question is 'no' but you could use a set of computer speakers with built in amplifier if you have any going spare.


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