SANTOS7 17:11 06 Sep 07

Just received this very poor attempt, tells me i'm a NAT WEST customer (never banked with them)

then tells me if i'm not to ignore message...

National Westminster UK

Dear National Westminster Bank Plc customer!

Our Maintenance Department is carrying out a scheduled Direct and Digital Banking Service upgrade

By clicking on the link below please start the procedure of the customer details confirmation:

click here

These directives are to be emailed and followed by all customers of the NatWest Bank United Kingdom

National Westminster Bank OnLine Banking does apologize for any inconveniences caused to you, and is very thankful for your cooperation.

If you are not client of Natwest Internet Banking please disregard this letter!

**** This is an automated message, please do not respond ****

  brundle 17:12 06 Sep 07

Maybe you should have edited the `click here` out...

  SANTOS7 17:15 06 Sep 07

Good spot brundle ,me old coconut for those of you with an inquisitive nature DO NOT click on the link.
remiss of me sorry...

  Clapton is God 17:17 06 Sep 07

I receive this sort of e-mail almost daily from virtually every UK bank - including all those I don't bank with.

It's nothing new. Just delete as spam.

  SANTOS7 17:22 06 Sep 07

It's just how poor and unprofessional it looks, if i was going to scam anybody i would try to make it credible...

  SANTOS7 17:25 06 Sep 07

Clapton is God interesting you seem to get them nearly daily, i cannot remember the last time i had an email like this..

  Clapton is God 17:38 06 Sep 07

"interesting you seem to get them nearly daily"

Yeah, and it's a pain - but Mailwasher always picks them up for the crap they are. ;-))

  SANTOS7 17:44 06 Sep 07

just seems odd that some are targeted almost continuosly. I have never used mailwasher or anything like it and i only get the odd one now and then....

  tullie 17:55 06 Sep 07

Funny isent it,ive never had one

  Forum Editor 18:30 06 Sep 07

Please don't post verbatim copies of emails with hyperlinks in them.

DO NOT click on the link in the original post.

  Rubus 19:12 06 Sep 07

I've never recieved one either. I've used email for around 12 years & not a single one.

I feel deprived.

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