limrwire pro

  gazleah23 10:32 21 Dec 06

ive got windowsxp is it safe to down load limewire pro been told this programme can cause problems

  Kate B 12:12 21 Dec 06

the program itself won't cause you problems - it hasn't got any spyware or nastyware on board - but what might cause you problems is the stuff you download via it. It's common for viruses and trojans to be disguised as music or movie files and distributed via Limewire, so when you download something, for heaven's sake scan it before you run the file.

  Mark McC 14:14 21 Dec 06

incase you didnt know Limewire and its downloadable content are breaking national copyright laws and if caught you could be faced with hefty punishments so i suggest you buy your music from itunes its only £0.79 for 1 song and buy your films

ITunes - click here


  tullie 15:34 21 Dec 06

Limewire is a legal programme,and can be used for legal purposes

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:43 21 Dec 06

'Limewire is a legal programme,and can be used for legal purposes'...'Limewire is a legal programme,and is rarely be used for legal purposes'. Let's get real shall we.


  Totally-braindead 22:08 22 Dec 06

Lets face it. Limewire is the same as all the other common P2P programs. Most are used to download copyright material which is illegal.
The program itself is not illegal it depends on what you use it for.
The problem as far as I am concerned, forgetting about the legality for a moment, is that you can download something which says it is XXXX and when you've downloaded it you can find its not what it say it is.

  p;3 23:24 22 Dec 06

or; to put it another way you can end up with a lot more than you bargained for or know what to do with and most definitly not what it said on the tin

  Forum Editor 23:37 22 Dec 06

although the Limewire software itself doesn't break any laws, the files that most people download with it are almost exclusively illegal - mainly copyright-protected music and films.

If you're planning to use Limewire to download such MP3 tracks and/or movies you'll be breaking the law, and we certainly don't condone or support that use.

  Chaz10 23:00 28 Dec 06

Just to put my say in this and that is don't bother, to many spyware, virus files etc, like Totally-braindead said MOST of the files are not what they say they are warned!!!!!!

  p;3 23:19 28 Dec 06

I am just wondering if the above warnings may be too late

  chrissy1 21:01 04 Jan 07

i use limewire and not had problems...if any track infected get window advising it is corrupt and asks if u want to cancel the download which i do...doesnt happen very often though

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