Limiting bandwidth

  Madrat 20:34 07 Sep 06


I have a 2mb internet conection that is shared between 3 PC's, Mine, the wifes (hardly used) and my daughters, she is always hoging the bandwidth leavind me somtimes with with less than dial up speed. Is ther a way I can limit her to say 512mb without having to leave a PC running all the time. Is there susch thing as a limiter or filter of some sort that I could plug into he pc to restrict the speed? We are all conected with RJ45 cables to a router/modem.

  terryf 20:37 07 Sep 06

You could always put a rope around your daughters neck and tug it when she hogs bandwidth. My serious suggestion that will be painful for your daughter is that she shares the cost of upgrading your connection if that is technically possible with your provider.

  Madrat 20:40 07 Sep 06

LOL good idea,

Belive me if I had a 40gb conection she would hogg it all.

If I changed modem router to one that cad wirles as well as RJ45 and put her on wirless, would that work? what speed would she be on then?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:50 07 Sep 06

The good news: yes there is something available

Bad news I can't remember what it's called :-(

Anyway, the current issue of ComputerActive advertises / reviews it so maybe worth a look...

  Madrat 20:55 07 Sep 06


Dose anyone know what its called or where to get it from or the web site for the mag?

  oldal 21:01 07 Sep 06

I think this will do the trick. Lite version costs $35 and a free trial is available.

click here

  wolfie3000 21:03 07 Sep 06

Dunno if this is any use?

click here

  Madrat 21:06 07 Sep 06

Trouble with both of them is you need a server between modem and PC's I dont have and dont want that.

  STREETWORK 21:14 07 Sep 06

This may be worth a try, My son does the same, but then I can always close his connection...should hear him yelp and chuck the mouse...

  STREETWORK 21:14 07 Sep 06

ohpps forgot the link...

click here

  Madrat 21:20 07 Sep 06

I'm confused now, whitch one do you use? the link is bringing up loads.

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