limited or no-connectivity

  lanemark 13:31 28 Dec 05

This is doing my head in now!
I have a pc and a laptop, I have aol 9 and a thomson speed touch wireless router.
I have installed as per AOL instuctions and can access the interner ok on my pc via the ethernet cable.
But I cannot access on the laptop.
On the laptop, Network Connection details shows:
Physical address.............
IP adress...................
Subnet mask..............
Default gateway is blank
DNS server is blank
WNS server is blank.
can anyonehelp, my daughter is going mad because she cannot use her new chrissy present.


  mgmcc 13:41 28 Dec 05 what IP address and subnet mask does it have?

If it has a 169.254.x.x IP address with the subnet mask then the adapter has been unable to get its address from the router and Windows has allocated this address, which won't get you online.

Has the laptop (which is presumably supposed to be connecting "wirelessly"), actually "connected" to the router? In other words, have you run the Site Monitor in its software to scan for "Available Networks", found the one with the SSID (network name) of your router and "connected" to that network, so that the little icon gets its "halo" to show it is connected.

Once connected properly to the wireless network, the adapter should get its IP address from the router. A "169.254" address should automatically update to that allocated by the router's DHCP server.

  woodchip 13:41 28 Dec 05

Have you ever been connected wireless with the above? is it a PMCIA card or WiFi. As you have to coppy the settings you have in the router to the settings box in the Wireless Settings. Like SSID and Password etc. double click the wireless icon in the System Tray near the Clock to get to settings on laptop

  lanemark 13:51 28 Dec 05


those are the numbers shown.
in the task bar near the clock I have a monitor with a yellow triangle on it, when i hover this
wireles connection( tmy network id)
speed 54 mbps
signal strength excellent
status limited or no connectivity

I have never been connected wirelessly, and the laptop is an ACER with built in wireless LAN

  flyingbrit 14:35 28 Dec 05

Are you connected at all(i.e. can you get a web page up) if you can and are just worried about the limited connection triangle I think everyone on AOL is the same, I am , all you need to do is open control panel, open network connections, right click on local area connection, click properties, in general tab uncheck "notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity"....yes I know it's only a plaster but I've never had a site I can't get on because of it.

  lanemark 14:38 28 Dec 05

no connection at all.

even when i try the repair button a messahe appears saying " windows could not finish repairing the problem , cannot complete the renewing of IP address"

  flyingbrit 15:19 28 Dec 05

Try right click on AOL icon, bottom right of screen, open system information, then open utilities tab and Rebuild AOL Adapter.

  lanemark 15:23 28 Dec 05

still no good

I have been reading about assigning an ip address manually whatdoes that mean

  Doire_Bhoy 15:31 28 Dec 05

Is your router configured to allow the laptop to connect to it?

  lanemark 15:38 28 Dec 05

don't know how do i find out

  Doire_Bhoy 15:44 28 Dec 05

Use your pc to go into your routers admin page and check.
There should be a page which allows you to type in the IP adress of your laptop (on the page. This then allows the laptop to access the router.

Worth a try.

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