Limited Connectivity? Local Only?

  eysha 20:32 10 May 10

Can anyone help?
I have a netgear router and i am with Virgin on wi fi but am sick and fed up with not being able to get online when i want to. more often than not i get the above messages and have to disconect from myself to reconnect to myself (my netgear setup that is)
I telephoned Virgin and followed their instructions but that didn't work-not helpfull at all.
I keep switching the router off and waiting and re-setting it too, tried eveyting i know of so if you know better pelase tell me.
Thanks in advance

  birdface 20:48 10 May 10

If connected by cable have you tried.
Tools.Internet Options.Connections.Make sure never dial a connection is dotted.Then Lan settings. And make sure automatically detect settings is ticked.Ok.Apply.Ok

That is if you are using Internet Explorer.

  eysha 20:51 10 May 10

Laptop isn't connected to cable taht is; virgin box connected to netgear box so i don't have any wires totrip ove coming out of laptop. two of us use it ad we both have problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:33 10 May 10

TRy changing the wireless channel it may be interference from a neighbor on the same channel causing the drop outs.

Also 2.4ghz home wireless phones cause a problem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:34 10 May 10
  DieSse 00:41 11 May 10

"2.4ghz home wireless phones cause a problem"

As can video senders.

  eysha 12:53 11 May 10

Fruit Bat, i have now changed channels and will let you know if it works - i have my fingers crossed and 24 hours should tell me if it has.
Will report back and again my thnaks

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