Limit on number of Windows panes open

  TrevNI 19:23 03 May 07

Using Windows XP Prof which is regularily updated with plenty of memory and hard drive space and been checked for viruses.

Over the past few weeks when in chat rooms once I open around 6-8 windows even though they may be minimised the PC freezes. I get the button on the Task Bar showing the number of windows I have but I cannot open any of them and Ctr Alt del does not work and only way is to do a turn off at wall job.

I seem to remember seeing somewhere a setting which you could alter stating the maximum number of window panes that could be open at any time. Has this some how been lowered and if this is the cause how do I get in to alter it and what figure should I use ?

Thank you.


  Jak_1 21:50 03 May 07

What is your OS and system stats, how much RAM do you have?

I have up to 20-25 windows open at a time plus a vpn running and a couple of graphics programs open with no problem in xp-home.

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