Limewire Set-up Options

  snowy30 01:22 10 Dec 06

Why do I have to go through the Language Options and the other following set-up options each time I want to use Limewire?

Shouldnt you have to through the options once, not each time it gets used.

  FatboySlim71 09:29 10 Dec 06

I have looked at Limewire and am a bit baffled to why you are getting this problem, the only thing I could suggest is, load up Limewire, go into the VIEW menu, next go down to CHANGE LANGUAGE, next when the language selection window appears make sure that the SHOW LANGUAGE STATUS box is unticked, I don't know if this will sort your problem but I do not get this problem on my PC and this box isnt ticked on mine, sorry I couldnt be more help.

  FatboySlim71 23:48 13 Dec 06

Did you find a solution to your problem ? its just you have not posted back.

  keith-236785 00:43 14 Dec 06

with a problem like this i would suggest a re-install of limewire to see if that helps.

i dont have any such problems with it. but i do uninstall it when my kids come to visit as its the only way to keep my pc safe. re-install after they have gone and all my settings are the same as they were before.

the settings must be saved in a file in the c:/program files/limewire folder, as such, if a file is corrupt or missing then you need to get rid and start again.

to start from scratch uninstall limewire. then goto C/program files and delete limewire folder. close the window and download + install limewire again.

see if this helps.

  p;3 10:57 14 Dec 06

is limewire an adviseable program to be using anyway?

  Kate B 11:55 14 Dec 06

Limewire itself is perfectly legal. The concerns about using it are that you can find yourself downloading all manner of malware pretending to be legitimate files. I don't know how much spyware Limewire comes with these days. I believe Frostwire is thought to be better on that front.

  snowy30 23:36 14 Dec 06

I did what you suggested by unticking the SHOW LANGUAGE STATUS box, the matter seems to have been solved.

Sorry for the delay, I thought I waited a bit longer to see if the matter arises again, but so far its been fine.


  snowy30 23:40 14 Dec 06

I didnt realise there are many file sharing programs - Morpheus, BearShare, Emule and Frostwire

The last three I never heard of til now

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