Limewire download manager?

  Sunflowerpisces 15:52 22 Jan 08

Has anyone here ever used Limewire download manager? Reviews?

  ACOLYTE 15:54 22 Jan 08

Never used it,i have used limewire but never this add-on.

  Sunflowerpisces 23:05 22 Jan 08


  birdface 23:43 22 Jan 08

Just Googled it.And most sites that download it are already infected.Download and use McAfee Site Advisor before you go anywhere near those sites.Limewire,Use it at your own risk.My personal opinion is stay clear of it Unless you know what you are doing.

  Sunflowerpisces 23:49 22 Jan 08

Thanks buteman. I know Limewire and I know you need to know the right kinds of files to download and that there are lots of risks if you downloaded the wrong thing but to me the differences are obvious. I will stay away from Limewire download manager. Anyone know if there's anything that works with that program? How do you make Freedownload Manager or any other DM work with that type of program?

  MAJ 00:11 23 Jan 08

What are you trying to download, Sunflowerpisces?

  Sunflowerpisces 00:23 23 Jan 08

I just wanted to know if anyone knows how to get peer sharing program files onto the download manager when downloading them. Buteman let me know that Limewire download manager isn't the answer. Kudos buteman. Probably infected. Any suggestions would help. :)

  Sunflowerpisces 00:24 23 Jan 08

What I mean is does anyone know of a program that does it for you? Or how do I add the files to any old download manager, such as Free download manager?

  Sunflowerpisces 00:25 23 Jan 08

Ok incase I wasn't clear enough...reading over my responses there could still be confusion. If you download a music file from Limewire, for example, how do you add that to a download manager and do all download managers do so? Or do any?

  birdface 07:27 23 Jan 08

Sorry for any confusion.What I meant to say.When Googled for Limewire Download Manager.Most of the download sites were bad,And it would be advisable to use McAfee Site Advisor before browsing or downloading.I have never used the program so cannot comment on it.This one for Internet here

  Sunflowerpisces 18:47 23 Jan 08

Thanks buteman. Yeah, you're right. I can't seem to find one that doesn't seem infected. Thanks for the link to McAfee Site Advisor!

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