lights out on new hard drive

  pollpott 12:22 01 Dec 05

After just 2 weeks there is no sign of life in my Maxtor Personal Storage 3100. The lights are off and my computer doesn't see it.I had transfered about 4GB worth of music files to it and I wonder whether there is any way to recover them before I send it back for replacement/refund?

  Skyver 12:32 01 Dec 05

Can you hear the drive spinning up at all? Does it come with an external PSU with a molex connector? If so, open your PC and hook it up to a spare one from your PSU (double check it's wired the same way).

  pollpott 13:58 01 Dec 05

There is no sound coming from it at all.I only have a USB connection with it and there are no other sockets on it apart from the one for the power

  DieSse 14:17 01 Dec 05

Is the power plugged in then?

Is the transformar plugged in still?

Is the transformer warm - they usually are - cold may indicate it's failed.

  pollpott 16:10 01 Dec 05

Yeah the power is on and unfortunately the transformer is warm so I suppose it's not that. shame.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 01 Dec 05

Ac adaptor warm = power in but maybe no power out.

No power led on = faulty HDD or no power to HDD

check if a voltage acress the jack plug (inner to outer core) from the adapter. would suspect it shold be approx 12v 2A it will tell you on the adaptor.

If the adaptor has failed then yor data is safe on the drive all you need is a new adaptor (under warrenty) click here

  pollpott 16:25 06 Dec 05

sorry to be so long replying i have decided to send it back to amazon for a refund. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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