Lights gone out

  cruiser2 13:38 01 Aug 08

I have a Microsoft Multimedia keyboard 1.0A which has three small lights on the top right hand side. These are labelled A, 1 and F above. The have now stopped working. The midlle one was always on when the PC was switched on. The A came on when Caps Lock was on. How can I get them to work correctly.
Any help much appreciated.

  Ditch999 13:52 01 Aug 08

The A light comes on when you have Caps Lock enabled which permanently makes you write in capital letters.

The 1 key is your Number Lock function which is usually the top left key on the numeric keypad. This funtion allows you to use the numeric keypad and the light should be on for this.

The F one is the Function key which enables switching between using the F1 - F12 keys as function keys and shortcut keys like Help, Undo, Redo New etc. When the light is on the keys will be used as shortcut keys to Help etc

  cruiser2 14:15 01 Aug 08

Thank you I have learnt something new. So simple yet was baffling me.

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