lightning strike..PC won't boot

Last night I experienced a short power outage after a sudden thunder storm. My PC was running at the time. When I start it up it boots as far as the Asus screen but will not go further to launch Windows.

It does not respond to mouse or keyboard. (both USB)

The drive indicator light remains on without any flashing although the drives seem to be running.

After a couple of restarts it did boot into the Windows sign on screen but the USB ports were dead and I could not get any further

Do I have to assume the motherboard is damaged and will have to be replaced? I currently have an Asus 8NE whic is no longer available. Can anyone suggest a socket 939 replacement for this board?

  citadel 22:00 16 Jun 09

try reset cmos, use the jumper pins on motherboard

  birdface 22:51 16 Jun 09

have you tried running it in safe mode.or maybe try pressing the windows logo or ctrl alt del buttons at the same time.You can maybe get to system restore that way using your up down buttons on the keytboard.

  Stuartli 23:02 16 Jun 09

Try a corded mouse and keyboard.

  microshaw 00:08 17 Jun 09

corded mouse and keyboard with ps/2

  Terminus90 02:06 17 Jun 09

unplug everything in your USB ports and re-boot. If the pc boots up then re plug the USB Items to find who the culprit is.

  Stuartli 09:50 17 Jun 09


Thanks for all the suggestions. Terminus90 was spot on, it was a USB problem. Unplugged everything and it booted. I'll try and identify which device may have caused the problem

  Diemmess 12:10 18 Jun 09

Good news,
......but it may be that you will have to delete all references to USB (in Control Panel> System > Hardware > Device Manager).

Then reboot.

This is because the USB controller drivers may have been scrambled, they will have to be revived first, but on rebooting, Windows will do this for you

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