Lightning alert

  Graham. 08:55 08 Jun 07

A bit of a kerfuffle in the Channel click here

  Graham. 11:13 09 Jun 07

Isle of Wight now taking hits.

  Snec 11:21 09 Jun 07

Thanks for the warning Graham. I've decided to stay at home then.

  Forum Editor 11:35 09 Jun 07

is currently steady, so maybe North London will stay clear.

  p;3 11:57 09 Jun 07

what is the barometer telling you now?

  Probabilitydrive 11:58 09 Jun 07

My usual tale at this point:
Switched-as usual-my high powered AMD machine off in the evening.
Slept in a cloud of innocent thoughts.
Woke up to thunder, lightening and a tremendous thunderclap nearby.

Sizzling sound and tuffs of smoke emanating from my machine...!
How the...? I hear you ask. I still dont know (Do I ever want to find out?)

Fried mobo and a fried cable to one of my HDD!!

Would love to turn this door stopper now into Thor's hammer...

moral from this tale: take the gods seriously!

  Forum Editor 12:00 09 Jun 07

It hasn't changed in the 20 minutes since my last post.

  p;3 12:04 09 Jun 07

are you saying you do have a fried comp?

  Strawballs 12:05 09 Jun 07
  sunny staines 12:50 09 Jun 07

they have gone to play in belgium now. the uk looks free of lightning

  Probabilitydrive 12:53 09 Jun 07

p;3 indeed, my-somewhat long winded-way of saying that this was the end of my first AMD machine.

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