Light inks -make your own? what do you think!

  jack 17:48 16 Mar 05

So my light Cyan is low.

The bottle is empty,will take a day or two to get new, big job to do, like now!

What about taking regular cyan and diluting it a little with distilled water?

Reckon it will work any one?
What sort of dilution then 5/10/15/50 %?

All thoughts appreciated.

  Jak_1 17:59 16 Mar 05

A tad dodgy thing to do methinks! I wouldn't reccomend doing it.

  Stuartli 18:03 16 Mar 05

Apart from the fact that you couldn't get the exact colour required, it would be a complete waste of time.

  €dstowe 19:04 16 Mar 05

I think that if you care enough about your printing to have a photo type printer (with extra light or pale inks) then you ought to care enough not to try this.

It will almost certainly result in at best, poor results, at worst, a total mess up.

It is not just water in most inks. There could be alcohols, glycols, other solvents, wetting agents, preservatives and so on.

Order your new supply and wait is my suggestion. If you are desperate, go round to your neighbourhood computer shop or stationers. May cost a bit more but it may be worth it if your work is urgent.

  jack 08:22 17 Mar 05

You are absoultely right all of you
curb by impetusosity you mad fool
interersting thought though might try it on a spare cart one day just to see what happens, but not this particular job though.

  Meshuga 08:25 17 Mar 05

Apart from being a messy job its not worth the effort.

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