Lifting files from Ext hdd ?

  Furkin 09 Oct 11


W-7 32bit.

I used to run XP on my machine until last Christmas. I updated nearly everything in the machine & moved up to W-7 (Ult) – 32bit. I saved the old IDE HDD (XP) as it has a few bits on it that I want to transfer at some point.

In the meantime, I want to lift a couple of ‘favourite’ links from the old Internet Explorer on that drive. I have connected it via a USB adapter, & opened it. Have looked in Internet Explorer, & get a list of files/folders, but I can’t find the list of ‘favourites’.

Should it be possible to find/lift these files/links, without booting it up ?
I’m not sure if it will boot now.

I’m not sure which version of IE it is, but I guess 7,,,, maybe 8. I was using it until last Xmas, so whatever was current then.

thanks folks

  Secret-Squirrel 09 Oct 11

"....I want to lift a couple of ‘favourite’ links from the old Internet Explorer on that drive...."

Here's the path to your old Internet Explorer favourites:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Favorites

Where "yourusername" is the one you used on your previous XP PC.

  mimosa418 09 Oct 11

Your links will be in the favourites folder found on the XP drive under documents and settings.There will probably e a version for each of the users. Use search to find them

  Furkin 09 Oct 11

Thanks guys,

SS: That link worked great on C: drive, but not on G: drive (or any other), but it pointed me in the right direction.

M418: Success. It got me just what I wanted.

All sorted - cheers


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