Lifting files from Ext hdd ?

  Furkin 09:26 AM 09 Oct 11


W-7 32bit.

I used to run XP on my machine until last Christmas. I updated nearly everything in the machine & moved up to W-7 (Ult) – 32bit. I saved the old IDE HDD (XP) as it has a few bits on it that I want to transfer at some point.

In the meantime, I want to lift a couple of ‘favourite’ links from the old Internet Explorer on that drive. I have connected it via a USB adapter, & opened it. Have looked in Internet Explorer, & get a list of files/folders, but I can’t find the list of ‘favourites’.

Should it be possible to find/lift these files/links, without booting it up ?
I’m not sure if it will boot now.

I’m not sure which version of IE it is, but I guess 7,,,, maybe 8. I was using it until last Xmas, so whatever was current then.

thanks folks

  Secret-Squirrel 09:57 AM 09 Oct 11

"....I want to lift a couple of ‘favourite’ links from the old Internet Explorer on that drive...."

Here's the path to your old Internet Explorer favourites:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Favorites

Where "yourusername" is the one you used on your previous XP PC.

  mimosa418 10:00 AM 09 Oct 11

Your links will be in the favourites folder found on the XP drive under documents and settings.There will probably e a version for each of the users. Use search to find them

  Furkin 10:43 AM 09 Oct 11

Thanks guys,

SS: That link worked great on C: drive, but not on G: drive (or any other), but it pointed me in the right direction.

M418: Success. It got me just what I wanted.

All sorted - cheers


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