Licenses to play CD's on PC

  Bill 11:14 31 Jan 05

Having bought some new cd's, I copied them to my PC, and find that they will not play without the necessary license.

The message I receive on try ing to download the license is " Your Netscape browser does not have the Microsoft Windows Media Services plug-ins installed.

I do not have a Netscape browser.

Does anyone have a work-around to this problem.


  mattyc_92 11:17 31 Jan 05

You have "protected" them when you "ripped" them from the cd....
Open Win Media Player and go to "tools->options"...

Now click onto the tab labelled "Rip Music" and you will see the format you are going to change them to, 3 tick boxes and a "quality" bar... If the tick box labelled "Copy protect music" is ticked untick it and press OK....

Unfortunatly, you now need to "rip" the tracks off the cd again.... And these will be able to be "burned" onto a cd....

(This is an exact copy of what I have posted on this thread (click here)... Try reading through that thread as well and that may also help...)

  Bill 15:05 31 Jan 05

Thanks for your response Matyc_92. Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem. I made certain that this box was unchecked when I first downloaded Media Player 10 in its Beta stage of development.

The problem seems to be connected with the Netscape Browser that I do not possess, and certainly do not require. I am a Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird convert.



  mattyc_92 15:08 31 Jan 05

The disk may have "copyright" protection onto it which allows you to copy them a certain amount of times but you can't add them onto a cd-r...

Try using "Acoustica 3.2" or "Nero Wave Editor" to see if you can edit them... If you can't then it is safe to say that you can't copy the files...

  Bill 18:42 31 Jan 05

Hello Mattyc_2

You could be right in your assesment of the situation, - but I'm not a very happy bunny.

Thanks anyway,


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