licence key for my current windows xp?

  GEEKSTA 17:48 12 Mar 07

One of my windows xp has gone bust, so im going to reinstall it but i havent got the sticker for the licence key, so how do i find the licence key for that computer?

Any ideas will be greatful

  SANTOS7 17:53 12 Mar 07

One of my windows xp has gone bust?
What exactly does that mean!!! Is the PC busted the HDD busted, if you cannot access the HDD with your O/S on it(thats busted) you aint never gonna know what your licence key is..

  GEEKSTA 17:56 12 Mar 07

I can acess it from safe mode.
Thats about it.

  GEEKSTA 18:00 12 Mar 07

to ├četa
Thanks that all i needed!!!
Many thanks for your straight to the point answer.

  birdface 18:03 12 Mar 07

Sticker should be on there somewhere,Mines is on top right hand side,But usually on sides or back.

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