Library problems: windows media player 10 mobile

  m800afc 19:31 27 Jul 07

I want to listen to audio books on my pocket PC. When I transfer from my PC to my storage cards and look at the library, the files are rearranged. On my PC they are arranged in chapter order, 0101 being chapter one, part one, 0102 chapter 1 part 2.
There may be 25 parts to each chapter, so the last part of chapter one may be filenamed 0125, and so on throughout the book. On my pocket pc they are automatically arranged differently. the first file is 0101, but the second file is not 0102 as you would expect, but 0201, then 0301, 0401, 0501 etc. This means the playback is all of the "Part Ones" then all of the "Part Twos" etc. How can I resolve this.
Also, how do I delete all items from my library easily when I want to put a new book on my pocket PC? I don't want to have to delete one file at a time. There is no "Select All" option.

  howard64 20:30 27 Jul 07

it it possible for you to alter the numbering? so that you have 0101a, 0101b, 0101c - and so on. This should then keep them in the right order.

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