LG RHT 387H DVD Recorder problems

  Jlen 23:07 31 Jan 11

- time delay on remote control buttons activation - re above- nothing happens and have to restart
- Menu/List(recorded programmes)weird colours (red/orange/etc)
- timer records different channel(from channel chosen)
- System freezes, and does not power off from remote, have to power done holding units power button

any help appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:45 01 Feb 11

Resetting the unit
If you observe any of the following symptoms.
 The unit is plugged in, but the power will not turn on or off.
 The front panel display is not working.
 The unit is not operating normally.
You can reset the unit as follows.
 Press and hold the POWER button for at least five seconds. This will
force the unit to power off then turn the unit back on.
 Unplug the power cord, wait at least five seconds, and then plug it in

  Jlen 20:25 01 Feb 11

Thanks Fruitbat, but this is the first thing I tried without success, problems still happening.......

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