LG LH 3000 HD Television

  daveac41 13:46 PM 30 Dec 12

I've had the above for three years now, and this morning it developed a fault where the volume goes non-stop to full and to zero, without being able to be controlled en route by the remote controls. The only way to adjust it is by the set control. Any ideas, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:27 PM 30 Dec 12

Sticky remote buttons

If you can carefully prise it apart you can wipe over the board contacts and rubber key mat.

  lotvic 14:45 PM 30 Dec 12

or maybe new batteries needed in remote if they've been in for 3 years

  daveac41 15:44 PM 30 Dec 12

Hi Fruit Bat & lotvic.

Tks for replies, but I have three separate remote controls that can operate TV's volume & they're all having same effect. I fear it's internal to the TV, but as I said, I can adjust via set side controls

  SillBill 15:55 PM 30 Dec 12


If all other remote functions operate then you are probably right in your assumption, I had thought of a "dirtied" remote sensor on the TV but if other functions are ok.....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:17 PM 30 Dec 12

See if you can do a factory rest on the TV

  daveac41 18:01 PM 30 Dec 12

Ta SillBill, FruitBat I'll try that tonight.



  daveac41 23:46 PM 30 Dec 12

Found a "control" in settings that said "Auto Volume On/Off". Swear I've never noticed it before - much less touched it. Altered it from ON to OFF - lo and behold - problem solved!!

Thanks for usual assistance lads!!

Happy New Year!!


  SillBill 00:01 AM 31 Dec 12


"There are more things........"

Now you really don't want to hear the trouble I've had in the last 5 hours trying to upgrade Vista to W7! lol!!

BTW it wouldn't, had to do a Custom Installation!


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