Lexmark X4580 print problem

  Paul M 17:24 PM 12 May 11

I have a problem with my Lexmark X4580 printer/copier/scanner - when I try to print I get a messsage "Unsupported print cartridge" but it's a Lexmark cartridge.

The scanner works fine.

I have re-installed the printer but the problem stays the same.

Can anyone help with this problem, please?

  Paul M 18:36 PM 12 May 11


  Terry Brown 19:52 PM 12 May 11

It is saying that it does not reconsize the cartridge.

Remove the cartridge and with a small amount of Isopropyl (CD Cleaner liquid)- TIP if you do not have any go to a pound shop and get a DVD cleaner kit- A lot cheaper than Maplin-.

Use a soft tissue and a very small amount of liquid, Gently wipe the contact points on the cartridge and the printer. Allow to dry (10 minutes) and replace.

You could also try Turn of printer, disconnecting the power cable and the USB cable. wait a few minutes and reconnecting.


  Paul M 20:31 PM 12 May 11

No USB cable - it's a wireless printer -I've already tried turning it off etc (several times) but your suggestion of cleaning the contacts sounds a really good one - I'll try it - thanks very much.


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