Lexmark x1200 printer software

  Sunflowerpisces 00:04 23 Jan 08

When our hard drive crashed, obviously the printer driver was lost. I went to lexmark.com to download it and it won't work. So I wrote to them and they sent me a link. Still just acted like it was downloading and eventually timed out. I have broadband so makes no sense. It happened on my last computer when we lost the disk to the last lexmark printer we had. Both times it wouldn't download or it came up as a corrupt file. I wrote them explaining all this and they sent me an installation file that when I start to unpack the file it comes up as corrupt again. So then they suggested to use selective startup under system configuration utility when I run msconfig. They thought I had a program that was affecting the download. Still didn't work. Sooner or later I will have to just buy another disk (luckily not another printer like the last time, as the email they sent said I could purchase a disk for $9.95) but I don't think I should have to when their software isn't working. I realize that it's my fault I didn't take care of the disks, or my children didn't LOL, but I have learned from this experience. Anyone have this software, able to email it to me, or any suggestions on what may be wrong?

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