Lexmark printers - is the head with the cartridge?

  Daibus 22:38 19 Feb 08

I am looking at the Lexmark Z1420 WiFi printer and am I right in thinking that the printing head is actually with the cartridge, as in HP printers?

Also, are good cartridge ink refilling kits normally successful, as the cost would seem to work out a lot cheaper than having to purchase a genuine cartridge?

Many thanks.

  LABMAN 23:51 19 Feb 08

Hello Daibus,

All other other lexmark cartridges have the print head built in and whilst I can't say for certain this one has or hasn't it's a fair bet it's like all the others and the print head is included with the cartridge.

I've never used a refilling kit as I have always just bought compatible cartridges or ink tanks, the refil kits have always looked awfuly fiddly and messy to me.

  cocteau48 08:17 20 Feb 08

I have always had reasonable success with refilling Lexmark cartridges and it can be very cost effective in the short term. I say in the short term because I have found that the head on a refilled cartridge does tend to dry out quicker - especially if you are a low user. They can be revived using a drop of flushing fluid on the print head but it eventually becomes an annoyance and I end up buying a new cartridge.

  Daibus 08:23 20 Feb 08

Many thanks for your replies and the ink filler kits look like they are worth a try.

  Wak 11:21 20 Feb 08

I've been re-filling for about 8 years now and would suggest that it is better to refill when the cartridge is getting low rather than when it actually runs empty. This saves getting airlocks and can also save the heaters from burning out.
When you consider the cost of a Lexmark cartridge (over £25 ??) it must be worth trying to refill for about £1 or £2.

  Wak 11:25 20 Feb 08

You may also find this site helpful regarding the refill instructions.
click here

  cocteau48 11:54 20 Feb 08

Great link Wak - I have downloaded the PDF manual for future reference.

  kjrider 13:14 20 Feb 08

I have given up on Lexmark cartridges. i found that they would only work once or twice if refilled, then there is the time and paper you waste doing the cleaning cycle, and when I realised that I had 8 useless cartridges hanging about, I decided a laser printer would be better - and it sure is.


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