Lexmark printer won't any more

  wrinklysteve 18:43 11 Oct 07

I have recently put Windows ME on to a friend's old but adequate PC and installed the correct driver from Lexmark (CJ3911LE)for the Z11 printer. After printing OK for several days, the control program now starts but no printing takes place. Various tests and reboots produced the odd page (showing that the cart. is OK) . There are no problems shown on System Hardware list, ports show OK.
Is it worth trying a USB to parallel cable and reinstalling? Or has the printer just died?
Any & all ideas welcome. Tnx.

  TopCat® 19:09 11 Oct 07

using the same cable? Have you done a reinstall of the printer and driver?

If so, then I think your first option would be best as a parallel to USB connection would print a little quicker anyway. As it prints the odd page and no problems show in System Hardware, I would suspect it's a connection issue between PC and printer.

  wrinklysteve 21:13 11 Oct 07

Thanks, TopCat. Yes, I did try a reinstall with exactly similar results. I plan to get friend's printer home to try on another ME PC - it's a question of commitments! Depending on how that goes I'll try the cable solution.

Thanks again.

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