lexmark printer paper jam

  pete. 21:40 07 Jun 08

hi i have just bought a lexmark x4550 wireless printer all worked ok printing etc tried again to print but the paper only goes half way down then box comes up saying paper jamed trouble shoot says paper may be to thin cheers pete.

  rdave13 21:57 07 Jun 08

If you've just bought it I suggest you take it back as faulty. If I have any problems with a new machine I take it back at the first opportunity.
You don't know how many 'new' faults will develop after time. Could be a 'lemon'.

  SB23 22:02 07 Jun 08

One little trick I used to use with my long gone Lexmark was to take the paper out and gently fan between my fingers to let air get between the sheets.
The idea being the pieces of paper are less likely to stick to each other and get stuck, or cause a jam.
I also use this now on my HP all in one, and it works.


  rdave13 22:05 07 Jun 08

That's a good tip and I'll bear that in mind. With my Epson, though, I just ram a bundle in and it works.

  pete. 22:25 07 Jun 08

are we saying then that the lexmark is no good

  SB23 22:45 07 Jun 08

Absolutely not, paper can jam in any printer, and often does.
I use a multipurpose paper from one of the large supermarkets, mainly because of its price, but it does jam more often than the slightly better qualities of paper. Its a price you pay, I suppose, but other than that its ok for my use.

BTW, My old Lexmark served me well for many years, but decided on a change when it was time to replace.


  rdave13 23:04 07 Jun 08

All I'm saying is that you've bought a new printer and it's reporting 'paper too thin'.
I use the supermarket cheap papers and my printer handles them OK.
Try papers a bit more expensive and if it then works OK and you're happy to pay for better quality papers then no problems.
If not then return it as it's showing a problem.
Up to you.

  pete. 00:15 08 Jun 08

i have know got it working i pushed afew peices of paper part way though must of been something in the paper feed cheers for all your help

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