Less than £300 desktop PC

  robzwolf 14:35 22 Aug 10

I'm looking for a new computer, however, I don't really want to spend more than £300. Each time I look in the 'Sub-£500' section in the Top 5 charts in the PCA magazine, but none of them are actually properly under £500, they're only ever £499 or £500! These are no use to me, as I don't have that money. My ideal specs are:

# Dual-core processor
# Windows 7 Home OS pre-installed
# DVD/CD +- RW drive
# 6+ USB 2.0 ports
# 5.1 surround sound support (I have a 5.1 surround set already that I was given as a birthday present, only to find that my computer doesn't support it...)
# Anything else that would be useful

Like I said, I want this for no more than £300 at the absolute maximum (inc. VAT, P&P etc)

Has anybody got any good suggestions?

  robzwolf 14:35 22 Aug 10

Also it needs at least a 300GB hard drive :)

  robzwolf 14:38 22 Aug 10

Should have double-checked specs before posting: want 64-bit OS, unless anyone can give me a good reason not to?

  robzwolf 14:44 22 Aug 10

and wifi!

  robzwolf 14:45 22 Aug 10

i'm gonna start a new thread with correct specs...

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