Lenovo ideapad - Strange issue with optical drive

  davidmcdavidson 20 Nov 12


Have had this Lenovo ideapad Z570 for a few months now and have had no issues up till now. Have been going through importing my music via the blu ray cd drive. Every so often a CD would get stuck and iTunes would not progress that song any further and the disc would not eject, the only option that worked was to restart the laptop and then it would eject.

Now the strange thing is on some CD's we have imported the playback is not clear, sounds like a vinyl record, either played from the hard drive or direct off the disc. However, if I play this disc on my xbox, no problems, sounds as clear as it should.

The even stranger thing is, this only seems to effect some discs. I can put the same disc that has the distorted playback on and each time it will sound wrong for that disc, even though this disc plays fine on other systems. And then some discs will import and play and sound as they should on the laptop. It's like my laptop is deciding which music it likes!!

The drive spinning until you restart continues to be a problem too for discs it doesn't like.

Drivers are up to date. The drive is named 'Slimtype BD E DS6E2SH' in device manager.

Any questions please ask!

Cheers, Dave.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Nov 12

run a head cleaner in the drive

and make sure the CDs are clean

get similar problems with grandsons CD DVDs due to sticky finger marks.


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