Lenovo Ideapad G570 - Does this product exist?

  Laptop hunter 14 Aug 11

Come out no.1 in review test on website but I cannot find this laptop on the lenovo website, they only have it under the essential range. does anyone know of the product code for the item reviewed so I can ensure I am buying the correct model?

  lotvic 14 Aug 11

Difficult, as on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-Notebook-i5-2410M-Blu-ray-Windows/dp/B004TQQGFE one of the several G570 models is:

"Item Under Review This product is not currently offered by Amazon.co.uk because a customer recently told us that the item he or she received was not as described. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible."

  buteman 14 Aug 11
  heywoodg 07 Nov 11

What is the point of a review of an equipment that no one can get hold of. Certainly USB 3 is almost impossible to get on these machines

  heywoodg 07 Nov 11

Lenovo IdeaPad G570 covers a host of different specifications. Just look on Amazon.

  frybluff 07 Jan 12

I tend to think the IDEAPAD G570 was produced as a "development", with a large number of different versions, to "test the water". Lenovo's website still shows the G570 as a "crossover" model between their Essential and Ideapad range, but it is really only produced as an Essential. Many of the IDEAPAD G570's features are now incorporated in the IDEAPAD Z570, but, again there are a host of versions. The better ones sound like a good piece of kit, but reviews are hard to find. Good luck if you want to find USB 3.0, but many have E-Sata. My concern with the confusion over model numbers, is that it could be fun getting spares, "down the line", when they go wrong!! By the way, one can still get the IDEAPAD G570 from some stockists, but be careful to get a full spec first!

  Woolwell 07 Jan 12

That model does not appear in PCA's latest list of sub-£600 laptops. The i3-2310M does at no3.

  frybluff 07 Jan 12

The latest (life would be a lot easier if there weren't so many versions) is 4/750GB, i5-2430M, and switchable graphics between HD3000 and Nvidia GT520M. Only found one mag review, have asked for one here. Sounds good at around £530 - £550.


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