length of message-how much text characters

  end 01:59 25 Nov 04

see this thread

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can someone post a reply to this thread with about 220 characters in it; I need to be able to judge how much text I am "allowed" for the form sections; and tell me at the end of the reply how many characters are there.....please....

I am desparing with this and will have to do it manually

  Jackcoms 07:43 25 Nov 04

220 characters! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb cccccccccccccccc dddddddddddddddd eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fffffffffffffffffffff gggggggggggggggggg hhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj kkkkkkkkkkkkk llllllllllllllll

  lindyloo4 07:43 25 Nov 04

Why don't you copy and paste the boxes into word and do a word count from there. It also counts characters and spaces. You could also write what you are intending to put in the boxes in word first, do a count - then if too many characters you can adjust from there.

From your post above I copied and pasted to word - from Can to manually you have 233 characters 290 with spaces.

Hope this helps

  watchful 08:42 25 Nov 04


  end 11:53 25 Nov 04

it dont give me an awful lot of space,:(

what I want to say and what I can say on the form will be two completely different things at that rate;the drawing board just got changed:(

  end 16:05 25 Nov 04

have fought with this one; result; turned google pop-up blocker off, then able to see character count in document; had to go piece-meal thru document to change most entries to fit in with the lack of space ; the "blue-print" for the document is now "saved" on the web-site, so hopefully will not need to repeat this exercise, but merely ammend particular sections to fit in wiht the job requirements;

had a go at copy and paste, but drove me nutty, so eventually re-wrote the thing; at least now the basic is "held" on server::)))

now back to my spiders:)

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