legal win xp

  jbaker65 14:19 20 Oct 08

After about 4 years of believing I had legal win xp I was told that my copy was NOT legal.
I bought from Germany (via eBay) a guaranteed legal win xp disc with C of A. This arrived this morning and I see it is marked "for distribution with a Dell computer"
Is it ok to use this or should I try to get my money back?

  Pine Man 14:34 20 Oct 08

Almost definitely an OEM copy.

Sounds a bit dodgy to me!

  birdface 14:54 20 Oct 08

Try it and see.

  jbaker65 08:59 22 Oct 08

Well, I installed it and everything went OK including registration with Microsoft. I think I can now again believe I am legal. I hope Uncle Bill Gates is careful with the extra money he has had from a pensioner.

  ventanas 09:15 22 Oct 08

Of course it's not legal despite the fact that it installed. It's a Dell OEM copy which cannot legally be sold on Ebay. Mr Gates has not had any money from you, but the person who sold it to you has. You've been had I'm afraid.
I don't see what you can do about it now, except try contacting Microsoft to see if they can help. But as its OEM they may well refuse.

  DieSse 14:36 22 Oct 08

In Germany the law is somewhat different. OEM copies of software may be sold on their own, without any hardware.

Now as to whether the seller had the rights to sell that particular copy is a matter we'll probably never know!

As to MS - they sold it to Dell originally presumably, so they have in fact had their money, just as with any OEM software.

  jbaker65 14:47 22 Oct 08

As you say, MS have had their money and have accepted the registration and activation of the system on my home built computer. Everything is now running OK.

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