Leaving Orange

  Grambo 20:18 04 Sep 07

I have broadband account with orange, free as Im signed up for one of their mobiles, but have been with them since freeserve, wanadoo so its quite a while. My other half has an identity on my account ie she accesses it thru broadband, but this is now lost, cannot be restored as it is considered a pay as you go account. New rules at Orange....use it or lose it. As the account was not accessed thru payg for 220 days new rules say its gone for good. She works from home and is livid so Orange is going. Will i have to notify orange re cancelling free broadband (im still using contract phone) or just delete anything orange before installing new isp and modem? This would be ideal as i would still keep my email account. BTinternet any good btw?

  Dipso 20:52 04 Sep 07

You will have to notify Orange that you are leaving or they may continue to charge you for the service, I presume you are out of contract with them.

Are you sure you wish to cancel and not see if migration to another ISP is possible, this would prevent any downtime.

As for BT...I'd check some ratings if I were you click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:01 04 Sep 07

Ok so you are (she is) upset!

however if you leave then you Have TO PAY another company for your broadband.

You are getting the service for FREE you are costing them nothing to leave unless you cancel your mobile aswell.

Cutting your nose off to spite your face springs to mind.

Approx £240 a year for BB is the cost.

  Grambo 21:02 04 Sep 07

Im afraid that its out of my hands as other half has had enough of orange now.

They cant continue charging me as broadband is free and really want to know if i can just uninstall and install new isp, or is there something they have done to the telephone line

  Acx 09:48 05 Sep 07

click here

Free or not it came with a package, there’s a 12 month contract (when did you change).

You will probably have to wait for the 12 months period agreed to when you got the phone/broadband package to end before you can change.

No you can not 'just delete anything orange before installing new isp and modem'.

  crazychris 18:08 05 Sep 07

In answer to your last question ,we changed from Orange to BT Broadband in March and have never looked back. BT is fine for us.

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