Leaving laptop pluged in

  Steve Lowe 06:15 15 Feb 08

Hello everyone
I have just bought a new dell laptop and when i am in the office i tend to leave the laptop pluged in and just disconnect when i take it out. Does it do the battery any harm to leave it like this?

Thank You


  johnpalmer 08:27 15 Feb 08

I have a Dell Laptop, which is permanently plugged in, and of course shut down when not in use.

I am not an expert, but I have experienced no problems whatsoever.

I have to say that my laptop, which is a big Dell (PC replacement type), is fairly useless on battery power alone, when the screen becomes quite dim.

It has been like this since new in 2006

  AlexPB 09:23 15 Feb 08


I leave my laptop plugged in when im out and about and not using it. Sometimes i leave it switched on and sometimes i shut it down. I have not found that this has had any effect on the computer whatsoever.


  bjh 10:05 15 Feb 08

It will shorten the battery life with most laptops. If used as a mains powered computer for long periods (ie week or more), it is a good idea to remove the battery.

  laurie53 10:41 15 Feb 08

I have a new Tosh, and the manual advises letting the battery run right down every so often.

  Graham. 11:18 15 Feb 08

'...it is recommended that the unused battery be discharged to 40% and placed in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life.'

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