leave on or turn off

  hubdean 21:12 22 Aug 04

is it best to leave your computer on all time
or turn it off
will the computer download any info it needs if left on ??

  Djohn 21:26 22 Aug 04

If left on it will download any data that you have scheduled it to do so.

As for leaving turned on 24/7 there have been many conversations in the forum regarding this and the answer is pretty well divided 50/50. Some of us do and the others don't.

I think though that most of us agree that neither will harm your PC and the one thing we all agree on, even those that turn off at the end of the day, is that it may cause harm if you are constantly turning on/off during the day.

Generally if you are going to be using the PC during the day then leave on rather than turning off several times but when it comes to the end of your working day it's up to you to decide if to leave on, place in standby or turn off.

  ton 21:53 22 Aug 04

Save energy, turn it off.

  Cuddles 22:15 22 Aug 04

All four of my networked computers have been running for nearly nine months non stop without any problems, by leaving them on you are saving wear on the switches, if leaving on ensure it is plugged into a surge protector.

  sidecar sid 22:18 22 Aug 04

As Djohn says there is no clear cut evidence either way.Mine are on when there needed and off when there not.

  VoG II 22:23 22 Aug 04

On here but it is up to you.

  Peverelli 22:45 22 Aug 04

If you DO decide to leave it on, don't forget to restart the PC every now and then.

  VoG II 22:48 22 Aug 04


  Peverelli 22:56 22 Aug 04

Taken from here: click here

"... a periodic shutdown can benefit most computers. This is because PCs tend to accumulate errors in memory as they are used. For computers running Windows 95, 98 or Me, it is not uncommon for them to crash due to an accumulation of memory errors if the computer is left on for several days in a row. The best way to clear out such errors is simply to shutdown and reboot the computer from time to time."

I keep my PC on standby when I'm not using it.

leave it on it saves time or this that just being lazy i dont but works for me

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:43 23 Aug 04

My computer has been left on for three years....'nuff said.


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