learning programs out there....

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 08:23 01 Mar 04

Hello, i am currently researching Interactive Learning Programs for a universtity project but am struggling to find any. They need to be eiter a download (demo is fine) or web based, or both. It doesn't matter what they are teaching as i am just looking at the design and functionality.

If someone could point me into the right direcion on the web that would be great !!



  Nellie2 08:51 01 Mar 04

There are some good interactive tutorials here for Office 2003 click here

This is a good site for Paint shop pro tutorials click here

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 09:18 01 Mar 04

Thanks very much for that reply, i will take a look now!!

I am assuming those two are web based! So that accounts for my web based ones, does anyone have any suggestions of demo downloads that i can review!!??

Thanks very much


  curlylad 09:57 01 Mar 04

Try click here if you go onto google and type in "learning programs demo" it will take you to a whole host of hits for your request , try it .
PS If you're not familiar with Google its here click here

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 12:00 01 Mar 04

thanks for the reply curlylad, i have been searching google as i am very familiar with it but aven't found anything great so i thought i would post here to see if anyone had any direct suggestions.
Thanks very much for the reply tho.


  Belatucadrus 14:15 01 Mar 04
  : : Radioactive Frog : : 18:40 01 Mar 04

great thanks for those i will check them out.
If anyone knows of any that relate to electronics then that would be really cool !



  Belatucadrus 18:52 01 Mar 04
  : : Radioactive Frog : : 19:00 01 Mar 04

wow quick reply, i am still looking through the others !!

Thanks i will keep viewing !!


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