The Learning Curve and Answers on PCA

  Old Shep 17:34 18 May 04

Is it me or do others find it annoying when someone posts a thread,gets answers but never post what the solution was and just puts a tick. I often go back to questions I could not answer to learn how it was resolved only to find it has been ticked with no reply. I know I'm getting old but I must be getting grumpy as well.

  sam 17:44 18 May 04

old shep

with you all the way,,is good manners a thing of the past,i hope not


  Old Shep 17:48 18 May 04

Cheeers for that - and I just thought it was me.

  Graham ® 17:56 18 May 04

It has been said before, it may be that the solution (and thanks?) may have been posted at the same time as 'Resolved' is ticked. The response is not then added.

  Old Shep 18:00 18 May 04

Seems to happen a lot though I take your point.

  Shas 18:21 18 May 04

I'm confused! So is the way to do it to post the response + thanks first unticked, then go straight back and tick it but not add any message?

  Djohn 18:28 18 May 04

You are correct but can be done in either order. j.

  Old Shep 18:29 18 May 04

I a word Yes. I realise some people do not know this but I am sure there are a lot who do.

  only me 18:32 18 May 04

be careful farmers take grumpy old dogs out the the back and SHOOT them!! to save wasting food on them lol

  end 18:35 18 May 04

if you browse through the 10 pages, as I did the other day, there are a LOT of threads with no ticks but ??what is /or was happenign; HAD thought OF psoting a request to ask if the probnelm was " solved" but how to "politly" withough gettign "ticked off"...(!!!)(my dyslexia keeps crofpping up tooo)....BUT, problems will soon "fall offf the end" the rate new ones are being posted.....

  Shas 18:36 18 May 04

Thanks Djohn and Old Shep, (ooh, love that song!)

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