Learn to type software?

  splatter 21:47 12 May 06

I feels weird asking this here, but can anybody recommend ME some 'learn to touch type' software. Some of you may have noticed that while my actual spelling isn't bad I have a tendancy to type the occasional wrong charecter, such as 'ans' or 'anf' instead of 'and' or 'if' instead of 'of'

I think its cos I spend to much time typing shorthand on MSN, and I've developed some bad habbits.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:48 12 May 06
  splatter 23:13 12 May 06

A 1 minute response, go Gandalf!

As always, thanks.


  splatter 23:23 12 May 06

I should also mention that a friend said the other day that I should type with my eyes close untill I get better.

I just had to laugh!

  Stuartli 23:43 12 May 06

>>I think its cos I spend to much time typing shorthand on MSN>>

I'm at a complete loss to understand this comment.

Shorthand has nothing to do with typing as anyone, including me, will tell you if they have done a Pitman's course.

And yes, I can touch type.

  UncleP 23:50 12 May 06

Also look at Mavis Beacon, standard in secretarial schools and not expensive - I can recommend it. Sorry, don't have a website but it is (I think) still widely available from suppliers.

Don't look at the keyboard but at the screen or paper so you get immediate feedback on whether you're hitting the right keys. Closing your eyes is extreme touch typing for experts!

  Stuartli 00:05 13 May 06

That was the training means I was trying to remember when I originally posted but couldn't.

Old age....:-(


click here

  The Spires 00:06 13 May 06

I can now type with up to two fingers & from time to time even hit the gorrect keys.

  Stuartli 00:39 13 May 06


click here ..:-)

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