LCP association Failed

  woodchip 21:17 09 Feb 09

Connected to Router Wireless but not connecting to Web Pages. the above is what I got from Router Log.

I am connected okay on the Desktop by Ethernet to same router. So it must be a file or registry problem on the Wireless Laptop, I posted this before reinstalling a Acronis Image to see if you could help Sort it

  brundle 21:21 09 Feb 09

If that's in the router log it has nothing at all to do with your PC. LCP is used to set up higher layer network connections between your machine or router and the ISP's gateway. Most often means the ISP is having a problem.

  woodchip 21:25 09 Feb 09

Well I am connected to the same ISP but on my Desktop. Come strait up stairs to post the thread. So it must be the Laptop

  brundle 21:27 09 Feb 09

Does it work when it's connected with a cable?

  woodchip 21:29 09 Feb 09

I did a Restore but it as not corrected the Problem. This seams to be after using Glary Utilities. I even did a Restore in that but problem is still there. I have loaded two Free Sim Flight programs. First one OK but the second may have caused the Problem. Will nip down and remove it, to see if it as any affect

  Switcher 21:35 09 Feb 09

The Question and Answer below is from Linsky's web site and might apply to your problem which appears to be a difficulty in connecting to your ISP


I’m getting an error saying, "LCP Negotiation Failed", what can I do?


Please follow these steps to resolve this problem.

1. Call your ISP to double check your “User Name” and “Password”; please remember that they are case sensitive in most circumstances.

2. If your ISP requires you to put your [email protected] in their software, then please try it without the

3. If your ISP normally only requires you to put in your user name in their software, try [email protected]

4. You can try inputting your [email protected]

5. Additionally please go to “Domain Name” and input the your ISP’s domain. For example if your username and password is [email protected], then the domain name would be the “”

If none of the above steps helped, please go to our website and get a “Firmware Upgrade” for your router

  brundle 21:36 09 Feb 09

Ping to determine if TCP/IP is OK.
Do a Winsock fix, check for updates to the wireless driver on your working machine.

  woodchip 21:37 09 Feb 09

No Idea But I am typing this on the Laptop. How can I remove a Program When there is no unistal? although the Uninstall Data is there

  brundle 21:38 09 Feb 09

I think the LCP element is unrelated, as woodchip stated - if there was a problem with LCP neither machine would connect.

  woodchip 21:41 09 Feb 09

So why can I now connect?

  woodchip 21:43 09 Feb 09

Only thing I have done is leave it switched on, Gone upstairs to post the Message then come back down and I am able to connect.

It would not connect with Flock or IE

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