sneakerman 16:52 29 Dec 05

I am looking for a decent PC that comes with an LCD TV so that I can either watch TV or surf, I don't want to have the PC on to watch TV

Any thoughts

  handy4x 17:10 29 Dec 05

you may be better off buying a pc without a moniter and buying a lcd tv with digital in conecter

  Stuartli 17:15 29 Dec 05

There are a number of LCD models which can be used both as a monitor and as a separate TV set.

Buy the system without a monitor and add one of these TV/monitor capable LCDs.

  sneakerman 17:39 29 Dec 05

In that case what type of connection is best to look for on the graphics card and also the LCD TV?

  Les 22:38 29 Dec 05

I did just what Stuartli and Handy4x suggested. The 30" LCD monitor from Evesham has a VGA input and the screen is satisfactory for me. You have a choice of TV or Computer, in addition there is P in P so you can have both. For the price it is good value but don't expect good sound!

  powerless 22:44 29 Dec 05
  sneakerman 17:21 26 Feb 06

I'm looking at an LCD TV with SCART / S-VHS / RCA Video inputs

Would this be good for both regular TV and for PC input?


  Les 19:09 26 Feb 06

The Evesham 30" TV/Monitor has all those.

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