LCD screen anomaly

  jack 10:02 26 Dec 05

Very occasionally on switch on of the system the LCD screen comes on bright white with black horizontal bands and vetical bands of colour.
A push of the restart button and all returns to normal.

As stated it is a rare occurance and when it has happened in the past I considered all the usual possibilities- Software and Hardware of the computer.
When it happened on Friday last, it occured to me that since that last time the machine has under gone a total rebuild - MoBo /Graphics/ O/S
So all the theories are out of the window.
Any ideas any one?

  Methedrine 13:13 26 Dec 05

What are the make, model and specs of the lappy?
As much information as you can give, please.

  jack 13:59 26 Dec 05

Methedrine- Not a lappie.
Note I said a rebbuild.
It's a desktop
Rebuilt my self
Formerly AMD 1.4-MSI MoBO Etc.

Now AMD 3000 64bit / MSI Graphics
The Screen - is the same - Hansol H530

  jack 14:36 26 Dec 05


  woodchip 14:43 26 Dec 05

Me thinks, it's one of the quirks of the 64 AMD and Windows drivers etc.

  Klof Ron 14:45 26 Dec 05

Has your LCD got a "reset to factory defaults" or similar option in the set up menus. if so might be worth a try, also have you switched from a VGA connection to a DVI or the opposite, if so might be worth reverting back.

  amonra 16:40 26 Dec 05

Sounds a bit like instability, ie. lead trouble. Try rearranging the leads to avoid possible interference from one to another and re-check the seating of your graphics card.

  Methedrine 01:11 27 Dec 05

jack wrote
"Methedrine- Not a lappie.
Note I said a rebbuild."

Apologies my friend. *Meth hangs head in shame*

  jack 09:23 27 Dec 05

Dont be shamed 'Meth' put it down to mince pies.
Wood chip - as mentioned - an infrqueent occurance and since the last time all hardware/software has changed.

I'll keep this going -it is for curiosity sake really
not a problem
Does it happen to other screens one wonders?

  jack 09:27 27 Dec 05

Kiof Ron
Now that is technical =switching from VGA to DVI?
Nah - this is a bog standard VGA - nothing to switch
on/off or even out

  jack 20:55 28 Dec 05

Well it didnt happen to day so perhaps in 6 month or so when it happens I'll ask again

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