LCD Monitors, more info needed

  User-324448 17:34 05 Apr 04

Thanks to those who answered my last question.
I like the look of the LG1710B it has usb and I understand one can couple up two PCs to it one via an Analogue socket and the other via the digital socket, this would really clear my desk top. Have any of you experience of either the LG 1710 or coupling two PCs to it. Thanks again folks, you are a very helpful bunch. Prof.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:39 06 Apr 04

recently sold 7 and all pixel Free, which I take it you know what a Dead Pixel is. These show as little white dots on the screen very small and they are classed as normal and allowed to be sold with a Max of 6, but the LG seems to be a pixel free model, unless I was lucky.

Ref; the Twin viewing, you would need a AGP Graphics card that supports dual display like a ATI Radeon 9800 erh carn't remember the model off hand but Crucial was the last place I saw one.

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