LCD monitors

  woodchip 10:49 22 Oct 09

Just a question, as any of you with one of these ever had problems with thin lines running vertical Top to Bottom. Like you can get with LCD TV's or other problems

  crosstrainer 10:56 22 Oct 09

It could be the monitor, the cable, or your graphics drivers.

What make and model of monitor do you have?

And what graphics card and Operating system?

  woodchip 13:03 22 Oct 09

As I said it's not a, my monitor it's a kind of survey on LCD monitors. on the prose and cons of buying one

  woodchip 16:46 22 Oct 09


  BT 16:57 22 Oct 09

I've got 3 of them
A 17" 4:3
A 20" widescreen
A 17" widescreen
and they all run perfectly. Wouldn't even think of going back to CRT even if you could still get them. Display quality is superb especially this 20" one.

  Graham. 17:00 22 Oct 09

I have an LCD flat screen monitor, I don't get the problem you mention. But thanks for asking.

To the Regiment! I wish I was there.

  woodchip 22:45 22 Oct 09

Thanks for input

  crosstrainer 06:31 23 Oct 09

Oops! I have 3. never had any issues with them.

  Simsy 06:55 23 Oct 09

That has a vertical line running down it's length, and another that has a vertical line running down about half it's length.

They're the only two with issues that I'm aware of, and that from a selection of probably over 100 monitors that I regularly look at. The two in question are amongst the eldest of the lot, and are both about 8 years old.

In fact, I think only the 5 or so that were new this spring are less than 6 years old.



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