LCD monitor problem.

  hiwatt 19:22 22 Jan 13

Hi folks. I've got an LG E2260s HD LCD monitor.I've recently got a new computer running windows 7 and although text and pictures etc appear very clear sometimes on a clear background or on the windows 7 welcome page I can see faint fuzzy vertical lines?This didn't happen with my older xp computer so I don't think it's the monitor.I have updated the drivers for intel display but not for the monitor.Does anyone have any idea what can be causing this?I've checked the cables and they're ok?Any help is much appreciated.

  northumbria61 19:54 22 Jan 13

Try this - right click on desktop - select Personalize - Display (bottom left) - Adjust Resolution (try lowering the resolution) to see if it makes any difference - Apply - OK. If no difference then reverse procedure.

  hiwatt 17:29 23 Jan 13

No it didn't make any difference.In device manager under monitors my monitor(LG E2260)is listed as analog?Would an HD LCD monitor connected with a VGA cable be analog?

  chub_tor 18:05 23 Jan 13

Yes VGA is analogue.

  Ian in Northampton 18:49 23 Jan 13

If it's full HD, I'd be surprised if a VGA connection would support it. I'd have thought you needed to be looking at DVI or HDMI.

  woodchip 19:41 23 Jan 13

Sounds like faulty Graphics card or faulty onboard graphics. I would be inclined to take the PC back and ask them to check it out on one of there monitors

  rdave13 20:05 23 Jan 13

You should use a HDMI cable. Both your PC and monitor should have HDMI sockets.

  hiwatt 10:30 24 Jan 13

There's only one output on the monitor and it's a d-sub(VGA).These "lines" I'm talking about are very faint and really only happen when something is loading.Apart from that there is no problems at all.I just notice these very faint lines in the "background" from time to time?Thanks.

  hiwatt 11:30 01 Feb 13

Am I right in saying if my monitor doesn't have an HDMI socket(only VGA)then it isn't HD?I was sure when I got it it was HD but not so sure now?

  northumbria61 12:01 01 Feb 13

And just to confuse things see here enter link description here Don't know if the same applies to a Monitor.

  hiwatt 13:23 01 Feb 13

I'll need to look out the manual etc but I'm 99% sure it was sold/advertised as an LCD HD monitor.

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