Keith35 17:01 11 Feb 05

I have an IBM 17" LCD Monitor, analogue model 9495-AG1.Computer runs Windows XP Home, my graphics card is NVidia Geforce 2. This is the problem:
The graphics are as good as it gets for this setup, but every now and then the screen fades from white to yellowish, then snaps back again after a while. No big deal because the picture is still vivid, but it is a bit annoying! My question is:
Is this likely to be a graphics card problem, a backlight problem or a fault with the monitor electronics?
Thanks, Keith

  The Kestrel 17:11 11 Feb 05

Sounds like a monitor problem. You should contact IBM, who will have a support line. If you describe the problem to them, they will know whether or not it is a monitor fault. If so they will arrange to replace it for you.

  Keith35 17:39 11 Feb 05

Thanks Kestrel. Would that it were that easy to get a response from IBM!!! I trawled their website but found the troubleshooting section o no use whatever. I guess the support phone number for the UK is somewhere there, so I'll have another look.
Thanks for the advice anyway. Keith

  curlylad 19:22 11 Feb 05

A list of a whole host of numbers depending on product click here

  Keith35 10:28 12 Feb 05

Hi Curlylad
thanks for the comprehensive list of contact numbers for IBM products. I'll phone the appropriate number and let you know how it goes. Thanks again, especially for the speed of your response. Keith

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